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Top-notch Home Nursing Services in Dubai

Home care nursing in Dubai is commonly a service required by families taking care of their elderly. As they grow old, they tend to stay at home more and relax whenever and however they can. With Mulk Med Healthcare, we’ll provide our exceptional medical services no matter the age of our patients. Our home care nursing services are designed to offer you generalized and personalized care for your loved ones. Mulk Med Healthcare’s team of reliable and highly-qualified nurses provide a range of home nursing services in Dubai. Whether it’s about medical services or simply having a companion, we can do it for you! We want you to think of us not just as your caregivers, but also a friend you can lean on when the going gets tough.

Mulk Med Healthcare offers home nursing in Dubai unlike any other. Before we provide you adequate care, we screen our nurses and make sure they are highly-capable to deliver the kind of medical standard we want to give you. From easing your pains to offering a helping hand in your own home, we want to provide a long-lasting and compassionate solution to improve your health.

Mulk Med Healthcare is Your Partner for Compassionate Home Care Nursing Services

A good home care nursing in Dubai should bring the highest standard of nursing services to everyone. Mulk Med Healthcare wants to ensure that, that’s why we want you to know how our process works.

  • Appointment Booking

    Want to experience outstanding home nursing service in Dubai? Now you can with Mulk Med Healthcare. Simply book an appointment via our website or call us on our hotline so we can arrange a plan for you.

  • Nurses Selection

    How many nurses do you need? What services do you require from them? With these questions in mind, it will be easier for us to select from our certified nurses and give you the right kind of care you want from us.

  • Medical Service Planning

    If we’re taking care of your baby and want some assistance for your postnatal condition, we can do it for you! Not in this stage and want to help in assisting your grandparents? We can also plan this service to fit your medical needs.

  • Home Nursing Services

    When we reach your destination, we’ll ensure proper delivery and excellent professionalism from our nurses. We are passionate about bringing you the best home nursing services in Dubai and guarantee satisfaction from you.

  • Feedback

    Mulk Med Healthcare values feedback. If you have ideas, suggestions, and/or recommendations, we’d love to know. As a healthcare-providing company, we strive to be better each and everyday and your feedback is important to us.

    Request a Home Nursing Visit in Dubai for Your Healthcare Needs

    Looking for reliable and professional home nursing services for your loved ones? Our team of experienced caregivers provide customized and compassionate care to ensure your loved ones' comfort and well-being. With our comprehensive range of home nursing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are receiving the highest quality care in the comfort of their own homes. Contact us now to schedule a consultation with our expert team and experience the best possible care for your loved ones.

  • Our Doctors

    Dr.Kosai Almazel

    Speciality : PSYCHIATRIST
    Experience : 10+ Years
    Languages : English, Arabic

    SKILLS : Dr. kosai is a well experienced psychiatrist with morethan 10 years in the field of mental health . He is specialized in Schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism,mental,retardation, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and collaborate with physicians, psychologist to discuss treatment plans and progress. Dr.Kosai was chief of the addiction ward and expertised dealing with intoxicated cases, detox programs, along with rehabilitation and was addiction and psychological medicine specialist in saudi arabia ministry of health hospitals & specialist member in syrian Red crescent which follows UNHCR organization.

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    Ms.Sukaina Faizi

    Speciality : PSYCHOLOGIST
    Experience : 7+ Years
    Languages : English, Hindi, Urdu

    SKILLS : Ms.Sukaina is a British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited therapist with over 5 years of experience as a counsellor and Psychotherapist.Her approch to conuselling is intergrative and humanistic.Ms.Sukaina is a private practice therapist with Fitcy Dubai and Plumm UK providing compassionate, relational intergrative psychotherapy to individuals Adults & Adoloscent and providing child centered play therapy for clients under 12 years.

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    Dr. Anuj Khandelwal

    Speciality : Psychatrist
    Experience : 8+ Years
    Languages : English, Hindi

    SKILLS : Indian Experienced Psychatrist with more than 8 years of experience, a trained Professional both in Psychological medicine and REBT Counselling .

    He aim to bring a holistic approach towards treating patients with mental illness.

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